Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hi Everyone.....

I am back home from remote WA but I will be back over there in a remote area nursing for another placement commencing in two weeks time.
However, as per the name of my blog - I am a cricut-lover and my new cricut explore will be waiting for me!!!
As the wet season is coming along with some heat it will be nice to have another hobby to pursue in my downtime and I figure some of my friends and colleagues will love to play as well. We will be there over Christmas so I plan to do some making for Christmas fun and games!!
It is an extremely busy and sometimes quite challenging working environment but always enjoyable.....well mostly!
I am hoping that the explore will work ok as I know it is all online. However I have never had any access issues up there in the past so fingers crossed!

 Sunset at Derby WA on the big jetty

 Halls Creek Annual Rodeo 2014
 Cable Beach, Broome, WA
 Cable Beach - felt so free, love the beach, any beach!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Hi Everyone....

Just a little update and apology for so little activity!

I am actually in Halls Creek WA nursing for another 3 months now. My time is very full and I will take up on my blog again on return!!

However I am keeping a facebook journey of my experience remote nursing. I anyone wishes to follow along please email me!


Kind regards to all

Monday, October 28, 2013

Cricut cake with CTMH paper....

I love making these cakes, I fill them with chocolates etc. This one was finished in a bit of a rush and is for lucky member prize won by Rhonda......

Cricut artiste cake, filled with chocolates......mmmm....
I love this paper form CTMH, was able to cut two cake bases per sheet and five lids per sheet.
The top is a little plain but it took a long time to put all the liquid pearls on top and I love the embossing folder which I bought this year at Paperific.

Ran out of time to make the pedestal stand that I wanted to do so the Reject shop Christmas goblet filled with smarties did the trick. Perhaps a little top heavy but nevertheless finished it all off.
Enjoy Rhonda!!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How time flies...and apology....

I cannot believe the past two weeks have flown so fast......even though I am no longer working I am tying up loose ends, catching up with people, preparing local show entries and much  more!

I am so late in drawing the comp for the 20,000 post giveaway. One lucky person is winning a  collection of products which will be able to be used in any form of paper craft!

The lucky winner.......drum role........is........

Rhonda .....congratulations. I will need your postal details and will send this off with less delay than the draw!

Thank you to those who entered.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Enjoying the spring weather and the roses are blooming....

I am trying to balance my gardening time with my crafting time!!

What a glorious choice to have .................no work!!!

The first roses have bloomed and I just had to bring some inside....(love the op-shop cut glass vase!)

Love my old milk can - thanks Poppy!

 Just Joey - a scented favourite...
 Love, love, love the snowball bush!
Love, love, love our 1922 Californian Bungalow. The garden needs building up again but now I have left work I can spend more time on this.
Its an unusual home with such a heavy tiled roof but most characteristic of the era. We love the large rooms and high roofs and lots of verandah.
Take time to enjoy the fresh air!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Celebrating reaching over 20,000 page views.....

Hi Everyone,

I am so pleased to have reached this goal. I am in a happy place at present after reducing my workload and taking a break.

I can now concentrate on this wonderful pastime of paper crafting, creating, playing with cricut and beginning as a Close To My Heart consultant....

As a thankyou to all those who have visited my blog I am giving away a gift, drawn next weekend, Sunday 13th.

Please sign up  to my blog and leave a comment to this or another post.

Past followers are included simply by posting a comment.

Your name will then be on the draw list!!

I will make sure the prize is something nice, either a voucher or other gift.

Also if interested in CTMH products please take a look at the link. For any cricut users the art booking cartridge is available now, as are Art Philosophy and Artise. These are all favourites of mine which are used constantly!

Looking forward to draw day...

take care


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cricut CTMH cartridges.......

Here is a link to an informative you tube video on the three art cartridges available through CTMH.

This explains the differences between each cartridge as well as the flexibility and creative options of each.


Pleas contact me for more information on using these cartridges and to order,