Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Here is the finished cake.......

Looking forward to making some more now....its fun!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

cricut cake for christmas!

I have finally made a cake with cricut...wanted to do this for so long!
Lots of fun and very popular at work today especially as I had already included some chocolates!!
It is not quite complete yet and I plan to make  another couple this week.....

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ATC for December and last for now.....

I have enjoyed doing ATC cards throughout the year for a couple of groups however I find it impacts on my general crafting time and that adds some pressure.

Here is my final card..... (my apologies for the poor photography)

The cricut cartridges used were Winter frolic and sweet treats.

I usually always use my gypsy however I recently downloaded Windows 8 and hence lost craft room.
 I downloaded craft room and it has been updated since I last used it...I am loving playing with it again!

Happy playing......

Monday, December 10, 2012

Our christmas tree in a bird cage.......

I have spent a great deal of time house cleaning and culling over the past few weeks of my holidays. I have so many Christmas decorations in the garage but did not feel like cluttering up again. I also wanted a simple natural theme this year with not too much glitter and bling.

This is what I came up with..........

I will add some decorations but am still making more birds.
The white and gold twigs were some I purchased several years ago from a post Christmas sale at spotlight and they turned out perfect for this purpose.....I knew I would eventually use them!
The bird cage is from the Reject shop (my stash) and the base is simply lined with some hessian (burlap)
I simply inserted the branches through the cage to stand up and spread them evenly.
Then I added some twigs etc from the bush up behind our town and included some she-oak cones and pine needles.
I tied some small pieces of vintage lace here and there for added interest.
I had purchased some lovely artificial red berries ( vintage red colour not bright) and these were added to the front of the cage.
Then what is a tree in my home without a touch of cricut - hence a small cricut bow - embossed with my new ebosser - which I just love (purchased from of course).
I have some cinnamon sticks and star anise which I may incorporate as well.

Simple but beautiful birds to make.....

I discovered these lovely birds on pinterest from and have really enjoyed playing around with the pattern to put my own elements into it.

I have added fine wire to the wings across the full length between two layers of cardstock for support and to enable shaping.

I added a  layer of cardstock between the two body pieces to strengthen the frame.
Then I added my brads prior to adhering sides so that the eyes were present on both sides of the bird and the backs of brads did not show.

The blue bird has wool from spotlight included in the tail - it is one of my favourite ingredients this year as has just a touch of bling.

 The bird below has some lace gold ribbon under the wings for added interest and effect. (Also from spotlight and half price this week in the Christmas section).

My next post will show our version of a home made Christmas tree for our living area this year.
Enjoy and please email if further instructions required.
The link to Joann
.com site is on my pinterest bird board,