Thursday, February 26, 2009

A nautical card...

I needed to make some masculine cards. These could be for any occasion really...

I just love this stamping up set and I also am enjoying becoming familiar with Graphically Speaking..a very usefull cricut cart. The compass is cut in two differnet sizes and colours and simply placed one on top of hte other. There are so many possibilities with this cart. I need so many more hours in my days!...and I know I am not alone in that!!!
Catch up soon and TFL

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thankyou card...

I have enjoyed fiddling and making this card today. Now I have four ready to send for our swap and I just need to stamp some images to send as well! It looked unfinished until I used the leaf stamp and versamark. The photo is a bit glary

Not sure what is happening in this area today but the fire siren has just gone for about the 5th or 6th time today.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Here are both card boxes completed...

Matching card box and cards

We have had such a lovely relaxing weekend. Caught up with some friends who we dont see too often and did so much laughing and reminiscing!!
In between I spent time on GIna K's Stamptv and was influenced by one of her video tutorials to make these cards. Thank you Gina so much and immense congratualtions on your fabulous new website. It is FANTASTIC. For those who have not yet come across this website pelase see the link in the post below.

Above are the photos of what I have made....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Here are the cutfiles...

Please acknowledge these by commenting in my blog.

The first is the fancy edge borders

The second is the purple card in teh post below with the framed insert "Thanks So Much". I love this one it is so simple and so versatile. I know I will use it a lot.

A cupcake with a difference....

This card has amused me for quite a while this afternoon. I actually did some sewing on it!

Now I was a bigtime sewer at one stage and just love machine embroidery but papercraft has taken over.

The photo of this card may not do it justice.

The card is from Wild Card cartridge which I am just loving. I covered the background with stitched rows of white lace adn then added a border of white ricrac, all this because I could not decide on what to do in the background.

The cuttlebug came in very handy. I used the swiss dots for the icing on the cupcake and the stripes for the cupcake base. Then the hearts from walk in my garden and used stamping up shimmer on these and the candle and also on the butterflies.

The butterflies are my favourite from spellbinders nestabilities and these work very well in the cuttlebug if you have the correct sandwhich recipe.

The card is large about 9 inches high and 6 inches wide. It is definitely a scrappy statement!
Hope you like it....obviously it tickles my fancy!!

Its been such a lovely relaxing day at home and playing with the CDS....

Here are some of the cards I have made lately. Some are made with CDS, others just cricut and others are from our stamping up class.
I will put the cutfile on my blog for the lacework on the edge of the vase of roses card. I like it but eventually will recreate it slightly finer. Please add a comment to my blog if you download any of my cutfiles.
The last card is a cutfile which I have previously posted on my blog. I am just playing around with it and making a set of these as they are my favourites at present.
Thank you for all the comments recieved, I enjoy sharing what I do in the little free time I have at present.
Best wishes to you all!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

another cutfile....

Here is the second file. Please post feedback and also don't hesitate to ask any questions.
Remember these are amongst my first cutfiles so I am a novice!!

Please comment on blog if accessing cutfiles...

Two new cards with cutfiles...

I have had a wonderfull play with myc ricut expression this weekend. I have been wanting to become more familiar with designing on CDS. Thanks to Diane at Capapedia Designs and her fabulous tutorials and support I have managed to make a start!!
The above card is all from Walk in My Garden.
It is a cut file. This includes the base design. I then on the second page added the individual items at the same size as on the base. This means I am able to cut the seperate parts out of other colours and now I have a lovely collection and will play and make more of these cards. It is about 5 3/4 inches high.
It may not be colourfull enough for some tastes but I love the overall look.

This card is also from Walk in My Garden and I think the writing is George.
Again the base is one piece a cut file and I have added a separate page with individual pieces and a couple of others sizes of the flowers to build them.
I like this one very much and it is so simple but I feel effective.

I cannot tell you all how pleased I am to have mastered the CDS to this level. I cannot get enough of it!!
I am happy to share the cutfiles for these two vases of flowers. Just please leave a comment.

Unfortunately for me my two Units of study for my Masters will arrive very shortly and full item work plus study and family leaves little time for such pleasures as my papercraft.
However to succeed I am a pretty good time manager and make sure I will have a little playtime.

Our thoughts are with all those who have lost loved ones and homes over the past few days with these horrid fires.
We woke up this morning to ash and filth outside and did not complain at all because its nothing compared to the sorrow and suffering of so many. Out thoughts are with you all and the wonderfull firefighters who put themselves at risk for others.
I believe the death toll in Victoira at present time is 65 and others remain criticial or unaccoutned for. It is truly horrific.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The brown purse....

I made this one recently and really enjoyed the process. It is made from the brown paper from the Vintage Collection, Color Core Cardstock.

I used the cuttelbug small zigzag border to make the faux stitching embossing. Then I used my stamping up pen to colour in the depressions to make it more pronounced.

Needless to say the brown was not a favourite for the kids but it is one of my favourites. I also like the added feature of the cricut leaves.

Here are the childresn purses & the ones I made for them


Yet again its been longer than I had planned before posting!! We have been a very busy family with lots of visits to my folks at Seaspray.
It was absolutely fabulous as 7 of my young nieces and nephews all lined up to make paper purses with me.....whew I have a brand new respect for primary school teachers!!
They were all so excited. It started as I made one fore ach of the girls and filled them with goodies, like lip gloss, soaps etc and the boys all wanted one!!! LOL!!
So luckily I had my usual boxes of supplies in the boot and off we went.
Well we didn't finish until about 10pm as they all were leaving the following day.

I am uploading photos of their efforts.

Needless to say my brother, sister and their partners were delighted by the child minding service!!!

I loved every minute and the gorgeous thankyou cards they gave to me to display in my office at work.