Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's been longer that I had planned before writing again. it is so busy this month with school holidays , family visiting, work continuing and wanting to do some papercraft!!
I have been having a lovely time with my Bind It All but most unfortunately I actually broke it!! The handle has come adrift inside the machine. As I purchased it overseas it is not worth my while sending it back for repai so am waiting for the new model replacement.
That will be fun!!
The card above is the final one for my cricut.com Assue swap. The criteria was to use the cricut machine somehow in the card and the theme is either Valentines Day or Mothers Day. I feel this card could be either.
The colours are definitley not my usual choice but I relaly enjoyed them and also playing with the Coredinations cardstock.
Wishing you all well in January....Enjoy!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some cards I made for a swap....

I had some time to myself this afternoon which I didn't think would happen so it has been lovely and relaxing. I am participating for the first time in a card swap through the cricut.com message board. This one is especially for us Aussies out there which makes postage etc a little easier. Anyway the theme for January is Mothers Day or Valentines day. So far these are what I have made.....
Sorry about the double copy of the last one...I could not figure out how to take one away...lol...I am not so experienced at this blogging business!!
Each card needs to feature something cricut on it. The first card was cut with a cricut cutfile for the scalloped edge (thankyou to the sharer of this file through cricut.com); the second features the flower and squares which highlight the cuttlebug painted and embossed writing and the final one features the writing and frame.
Lots of fun.
I also enjoyed applying the ink to the cuttlebug folder prior to useing it. You will need to click on the photo and enlarge it to see this detail.
Thanks for looking. best wishes Robyn

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just quick post today.....

We have had a very sad week with the loss of a good friend in a road accident. So needless to say my priority has been with my husband during this time as it was a mate who he grew up with. They share a love of motorbikes and unfortunately that is how it happened.
I will be back later next week with some more posts.
Meanwhile thanks for dropping in and sharing my interest in papercraft.
Safe keeping to you all

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bags galore...

Well I have to start with a tale of two kittens. They went missing today and my son and I looked everywhere...we finally found them asleep together on a dining chair hidden by the tablecloth!!
I have made about 6 purses today, can't you all tell I just love this pattern. Kitty and scorpal..thankyou again!! I have posted the link in my initial thread on this topic. I like the green one as I had fun making the floral border with CDS and found the new features so helpfull.

I was never keen on these papers but must admit they came up well for this purpose...

This is definitely everyones favourite...(In my house anyway)...The silver loooks stunning. Sorry my photo is not fabulous.

The black and white is also effective and another border made from cricut DS added finishing touch. I just need to purchase some more balck flowers to finish off the one on the right.
These will be used for gifts etc...its great to have a stash in the cupboard and be prepared!!
Happy days to all and thanks for looking in!!

cricut gremlins and fixes!!

I have had the most wonderfull day. My cricut has been playing up when I use CDS for a while now and it gets very frustrating. It stops a short distance into a cut.
I have posted on cricut.com and am so happy to say that two wonderfull people posted a fix which worked!!!!
I am going to copy the information into this post becasue it was so simple to do and solved the problem and may benefit others.

TECH SUPPORT NOOK - Reset Process If your machine freezes, experiences power problems, cutting issues, or anything out of the realm of normal Cricut behavior, this reset procedure is a good place to start the troubleshooting process. Nine times out of ten, this will resolve the issue: - First, turn your machine on with no cartridge loaded. Then you are going to roll all your gray dials (the two on the left and the one on the right) down to their lowest setting. - Then you will want to grasp the green/gold cylinder blade ****embly and use it to pull the entire gray carriage car unit (the one with the Cricut bug on it) along its track to the other side of the machine. Back in the cave where the gray carriage car usually sits there is a red button. Press that button and hold it down for about three seconds. Let go and then move the gray carriage car back into place. - This next step will sound a bit odd, but many times it can fix your little "bug". You're going to roll all your dials all the way up and all the way down three times--three times for each dial. - Then you are going to hit the "Cut" button and turn the machine off. Let the machine sit for a few minutes (15-20), load a cartridge, turn it on, and try a practice cut.

Meanwhile back to heaven with my cricut!! I will post some more photos this evening of todays produce.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Purse cut file

I am so pleased with this purse as the first one I did was not as nice, I think as I am not really keen on these glitter papers. However i do love the black and white effect and will definitely make some more in this colour range. Excuse the messy backgrounds but the other photos posted earlier are a little too dark.
The kittens having a last play in the Christmas tree!
The kittens settling in to the basket lid which they seem to love so they can have it!

Back view of the paper purse.

Close up of purse front flap.

Its my mum in laws birthday otday and I have a few goodies plus a voucher for her. How else to present this but in one of the paper purses!

I have altered the design slights by reducing the size fo the top piece to 4" X 5" instead of 5" X 5" simply so it fits neatly in the dotty cuttelbug folder.

The cricut cut out is from home accesnts cut at 1".

I also made the handle with a double layer of paper only because I wanted the print on both sides.

Have put in a close up of the finishing touches.

Well I have really enjoyed fiddly with htis in between taking down Christmas decorations much to the kittens distress as the tree has been thier favourite playground. However I found the lid of a cane basket which is their new resting place!

Enjoy your day and thanks so much for dropping by!