Saturday, December 31, 2011

I am not sure who wrote this but I like it.....

“Creative minds are rarely tidy”

Now here is my version..."Creative people are never tidy"....thats me and my craft room!!!
LOL...New Years resolution number 101 keep my space organised!!

Wishing you all a Happy and Safe New Year
from Robyn & Family

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Great site ....

HI All,
Just a quick post to share this great site which I use form time to
It is so easy to find which cartridge a cut is on...simply type in the cut you are after and it will bring up each cartridge whcih has that cut on it.
So hard as the library of carts grows to remember what is what...I already have too many, its so addictive!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back again...just another quick post of some simple giftcard holders made with envelope from Plantin easy and so cute....idea from Leonie at Scrapbook Sinners in Traralgon...thanks Leonie for your inspiration!

Hi Everyone,

Hope this finds you all well and still enjoying or reflecting on a lovely Christmas like we have had.

It was quiet this year but so wonderfull to have both Mum, Dad, Becky and Marg (MIL)joining Jordie, Garry and myself.
We had enough food for about 20 so no colling needed for a while. The 16 batches of shortbread are still lasting and have been used for lots of sharing to friends etc.

There always a story...I put the lovely new Christmas cloth on the outdoor table, came inside and Jordie said "Hey Mum the cats have run along the table and left paw prints everywhwere!!" Well...cheeky things.....never mind we left it and turned it over later!! We ate dinner inside anyways.

The Christmas parcels were all so appreciated and "just right"for everyone!
Garry and Jordie are just putting together our long awaited outdoor setting for snuggling into on the front verandah..I have wanted one for a very long time to put here and will post a snap later!

I am posting a couple of the cards to share that we made at Scrapbook Sinners in Traralgon with lovely Leonie and her crew. its a great shop to visit if you are ever in the to the Cheesecake shop which most people know!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Almost finished, new tags

I am almost finished now, have presented the teachers with a basket of gifts, not to forget some Crown lager and bubbly.... now its finishing off some tags on my lolly cones and thats it.

Yahoo cricut club night tonight as well!!

The tags are another one from art philosophy and are so effective witht ehred behind and some bling, I also love using the white gelly pen too, it has been used so much this year!

Ooops, nearly forgot, the bowl is huge and full of the chocolates etc I use in the Santa and pyramid bags!!! I also have extra padding around my middle now too..bit like Santa...oh dear!!!

Enjoy your day

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Well I am still producing in the craft room.....

Here are a couple of snaps of what I have finished -
There are all up 30 santa bags, 20 M&M cones, will be about 45 pyramid boxes, 16 batches of shortbread (I do 4 at a time) and about 8 of the dishes of chocolates. I love these dishes I bought them about 2 years ago in Chadstone Myers, they were selling them for $2 and $3 each, after this christmas there will be none left but they have made the most wonderfull base for christmas gifts!!
Now I just have to make a heap more tags, the little red ones in the photos were made with Art philosophy cart and matching stamp set, so easy will a little gelly white ink to highlight. The berries for the holly tags were from bunches that are half price in spotlight ($1.50) each..I recommend buying some if you haven't had a chance.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Good evening everyone...

Just a quick post..I have been bargain hunting in spotlight today, they had all the christmas themed craft and scrapping products half price..PLUS a big bin of all sorts for 20c each!!

Needless to say I had a ball and hubby wandered fellow!!

Also I wanted to post a link to the scorpal magazine, I have utilised this often and thought some of you may be unaware of the wonderfull free projects ideas and instructions that are provided on this website....well worth a visit.

If this does not work just google

I will post more finished Christmas gifts soon...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The shortbreads baked and some has survived hubby and son, have some in a bag for our house painter who is just packing up...the house is looking beautiful...but alas not the garden at present!!

In my craftrooom the cricut is cutting,
in my kitchen the shortbread is baking
in the laundry the washing sits
a very quick gift I made this morning for 18yo sons guitar teacher.....another simple gift which I feel is effective and usefull..

Hi Again....
What a wow of a morning...and busy too...
still working on christmas gifts for teachers and work colleagues, so many I want to do.

This morning I have visited a new local studio called "Redbarn Country Crafts" and discovered a whole local world of paper crafts which is wonderfull. Margaret Rubin is well and truly into cricut, scrapbooking, polymer crafting, machine embroidery and lots more.
Here are some samples...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hi Everyone...
I have been up and about early much to do!!

I have an idea to finish tonight hopefully for some more Christmas gifts....I have seen this on you tube...( thanks to scrappindeedee)

See if you can pick what they are and I will post the finish product tonight.
Have a lovely day

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cricut Chirp July 2008...

I have been reviewing my achievements and highlights of this wonderfull hobby.
One of them was being published in the cricut chirp.I am still proud of this and really enjoyed making the album for my friend!!
I cannot believe it was so long ago! July 2008 edition!!

Here is the link!

Loving this new idea..have not seen this before...

Food cover decorated with cricut cuts..

I have made a few of these now for friends...the idea came to me randomly whilst browsing in Sam's!!
I have done the lady bugs, butterflies, cows, flowers so far...
Anyway on our recent retreat I made one and won the prize for off the page articles...I was so chuffed!!!

Here is an example, the photos do not do it justice, is very simple and so easy to make.....

I will post instructions shortly

Post it note holder instructions

Hi All,

I have had lots of interest in the pos it note holders that I make. So here are the instructions..they are super easy, super quick and super loved by anyone I have given them to.
They are also easily refillable as the post pad is simply attached to the inside with tacky tape so a new one can be added.


Craft board ( not too heavy but firm enough to keep shape( I sourced mine in large sheets from an art shop in Melbourne city area and the lovely fellow cut them into 4" squares for me for happy!

Selected scrapbook paper or such cut at 4 inch squares X 4 sheets

Zutter and matching wires

Cricut cuts or other corations to fit

Ink to ink s edges

Sanding tool
Glues etc

1. Cover front and back of two card square
2. Sand edges once glue has dried
3. ink the four sides of each
4. Decorate the front of one square (remembering to leave space for the coils to fit. Sometimes I bind first and then add the decoration.
5. Tacky tape the post it pad to the inside back cover firmly.
6. If you wish.. stamp a minature stamp on the right hand ower corner of each page of the post it pad just a nice extra touch!!


Happy to provide further help if needed

Please acknowledge on my blog - much appreciated


Gift ideas

Good Morning all...we have nice drizzling rain here in Maffra! Yeah...I can craft to my hearts content..but have a big mess to clean up at the end of the is always a big mess in my craft room..but this one is on the kitchen table!) Here are some photos of post it note holders that I have been making for a long time. I think I have probably made and given away about 50 of them over a long period!!! The teachers enjoy them as do work colleagues and friends. These ones are not prettied upo in their bags and labelled etc but will show you how simple they are to make. Maine ingredient is cricut cuts and zutter to bind with. I usually finifhs touch with a little stamp on the lower corner of each page of the post it pad...(crazy lady!) Enjoy....Happy to provide instruction if needed.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cricut craft room

Hi All, Just wondering how everyone is getting along with cricut craft room. I am having very few issues. I have watched the videos again recently to find the little things that I have not yet familiarised with and that has helped a lot. I recomend doing this if you have not done so as yet. These can be found on the site. I am very sad at present as my Gypsy died and I have had to purchase a new one...Christmas present...this has to come from USA ( but I did purchase in Australia..from The new one has to be cloned to my old ones serial number so my 50 or so carts can then be cloned to my new one!! If that sounds confusing its not really and all makes sense. I would like to thank Tracey from Printblocks Australia and Mandy from for assisting me through this process.

Christmas santa goodie bags

Here is another photo of some goodie bags for Christmas..these are so simple to make. I found them online and am embarrassed to say I cannot acknowledge where from but I am very appreciative of this idea. The biggest issue I had was finding some narrow white fluffy for the tops, this was the smallest I could buy. $3.99 metre at Spotlight. I cut the bags 2 to one cardstock 12 X 12 Of course the bag is from Art Philosophy, mine and lots of other cricuters new favourite cart!!! I adore this cart!!!

Christmas fun.......

I love this time of year and have been madly making cards and little gift bags etc for our teachers and work mates. There are so many to make this year I am worried if I will get them all done on time...but I always do!!! I have been really enjoying the last few days and included
in this time have done a couple of classes at Scrapbook Sinners at Traralgon. The staff and other customers i have met at classes are all just wonderfull...very sharing, caring and fun loving group!! Here are a couple of cards I have done on cricut in the last day or so...they are easy ones to repeat for bulk stock and I have to say the photo does not really do them justice, they are quite nice.....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I am back.....

Wow, its been so long, I have been very busy in my main job and therefore so little time for favourite things!!
I have been able to start again and pick up cricut. We went to a retreat for the last three days just playing with cricut in a group of 30 and it was so exciting. I just want to take some time out and catch up with the hours of scrapping that I have missed!
I have been lucky enough to be able to order the expression 2 and am excitedly awaiting its arrival. I have also met a great group of very keen crafters from Traralgon and look forward to many hours shring our hobby together...
I am also looking forward to sharing more photos and some fabulous new ideas etc in the very near future, stay tuned!!!
Best wishes

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hi Everyone

I have been still missing in action but busy lately and with lots of cricut projects on the go. I will posts some photos shortly!