Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cricuting in Oz week 4 challenge Entry

Here is my project for this week. I only have damask decor but loved using it. I googled lots of sites for inspiration and found lots of off the page ideas that I loved.
I decided on using the teapot and making a box perhaps to put various types of teabags in..... for my sister Jenny who I will be visiting soon in Townsville.....I hope!! Alas I will also be seeing my other sisters during my four weeks leave...Dette in Ocean Grove and Carol in Hilston...I am going to be busy....I want one for me too!!
Anyway here are some pictures and I will put together instructions in the next post.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Damask Decor...ever so gorgeous cart!

Hi Everyone,
welcome to more new members, thanks for visiting......its such a wonderful hobby and so good to share!!
I am working on Cricuting in Oz Week 4 challenge. The only cart I have for this one is Damask I spend hours looking through the booklet and óoh and ahh' at the gorgeous designs but have hardly used it...I have been doing the same for the past hour!!
So finally I am trialing my first cut....more little cards if all goes well.....lets as soon as I get one finished!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cricuting in Oz Challenge 3

Here is my entry for Cricuting in Oz Week 3
Go to

The only cart I had was wall decor and more but there is such a large choice....funny I finished making a very simple project, but again really enjoyed it......I cut the coffee cups at 3"

I modified a gift bag which I sourced a long time ago from Maria Bell at
I altered it to suit my needs and filled it with 6 matching giftcards. These are for a friend who does beautifull baking and will find them usefull.
I was almost tempted to keep adding to the cards but do like them simple and have stamped inside with a lovely bird on a branch.

Happy to share instructions and answer questions if needed

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Welcome and thank you!

I would like to thank all my followers for visiting my site and signing up!
It is so nice to share ideas, meet new people and simply enjoy our common interest!!

I am so excited to reach over 4000 visits to my blog....I know that is not a massive amount but to me it is worth celebrating.

I am going to put up some blog candy as soon as I get close to 5000....I am about to have holidays and will be sorting through that very messy craftroom that I posted on cricuting in oz facebook group a while ago.....and will put together some nice goodies!!!

So keep popping back!!

Today I am preparing my project for Week 3 of the Strutting Your Stuff challenge over at and the only cart I have to play with is Wall Decor and More...having fun so far.....was about to cut a little bag from another cart and then realised I had to do it "by hand"as I could not utilise another cart!!!

Here is the sneak what is she up to this time???????????????

Friday, January 20, 2012

Give away scraphappykat blog

Head over to this great blog...there is a fabulous give away and lots to see

Monday, January 16, 2012

Photo cube instructions...enjoy!!

Here is the link to a video on instructions for the photo cube cd cover box. The sound is not good but the instructions excellent. However I did not do the base instead I used some chipboard painted and cut to size. I glude the cube box onto this. It is more durable. When I tried the other way I just got frustrated and felt it was not sturdy.

I am going to make some more to have ready for simple gifts etc and perhaps some prizes to dontae for our next retreat.

The measurements are 4 pieces of cardstock 5 3/4 X 4 5/8
I actually cut 8 of these as I lined mine as gives a better look on the inside if desired. These stayed plain but the other 4 I scored and folded one end a 1/4 inch, inked the edges and then decorated as desired.

There is space for some dimension but not too much, however I did place some scrap thick card in between the keep the card close to the plastic as other wise it can 'bow' back and not look as neat....hard to explain but will become clear when actually putting it together.
I was hesitant and concerned the clear tape might show up but it doesn't and is needed to keep it together.

Have fun and feel free to email me photos and I iwll put on my blog if you wish!!

Happy Monday!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

cricut-lover: Challenge 2 Cricuting in Oz#links

cricut-lover: Challenge 2 Cricuting in Oz#links 2

Challenge 2 Cricuting in Oz

Here is my item for Challenge 2.

Call into 2 to see all the entries.

Most of the cuts are create a critter with some word from graphically speaking. I enjoyed this project but it challenged me..especially putting the box together, there is definitely a knack to it. I have only done this once before.
Its fun though.
I have the instructions and happy to share.

New favourite product....

I bought some perfect pearls mist and just love it...I cannot stop myself spraying everything....

even the cats if they stay there on the new setting!!!lol..I just love them though!!

Almost finished project for the challenge...check out facebook group cricuting in oz and join the group if you are a blogging Aussie crafter...different sections for different interests!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Scrapbook Sinners....

This is a store worth a visit!!

Managed by the lovely Leonie and crew of wonderfull staff who are all so enthusiastic and willing to share and help anyone that comes in.
Enter and the atmosphere is so inviting...the store is very large, spatious and organised. There is a huge classroom area at the back and a smaller one for our cosier groups...I love Thursday card nights.

The cross section of talents amongst the staff adds to the value of a visit.

Make it your stop if passing through Traralgon. It is so easy to find, right on the highway - just up from the nursery where hubby can visit! Or near the cheesecake shop and next door to the saddlery shop with the life size horse out the front!

Now its off to play with my purchases from Scrapbook Sinners this afternoon.....shhh dont tell my husband!!lol

Challenge 2...its on the way!!

Our choice of carts this week is Create a Critter, Rock Princess, Home Decor, Cutting UP and Graphically Speaking. We can use any or all of these.
I am half way through my project, need hubby or son to cut some wood for me and then can complete it!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cutting with chipboard

I have begun to play with some cuts that will require using chipboard.
I sourced this on the cricutlovers messageboard and found it very informative.
I recommend this messageboard. It is very helpfull and friendly.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Challenge 1 for cricuting in oz...

Thanks to Mandy at our facebook group cricuting in oz have started a weekly challenge to use set cricut cartridges. The aim is to get using those carts that we have had for ages and not used much. Its wonderfull. The only cartridge I had of the five we could use was sweet treats. I was so pleased with the end product and I love this cartridge but have hardly used it!

The treat bag contains gorgeous chocolates wrapped in paper with angels on it!!

Someone is going to be happy to receive this very will be in the mail on Monday!!

I cant wait to make more now!

I am still working on this weeks challenge on cricuting in oz....almost finished. the meantime I discovered a quick neat little way to trim bow ends...

See pic below...its simply two blings back to back with the string end sandwiched between...just another way of adding some bling without over doing it....

HI Everyone, just wanted to share my find from the Myers christmas decoration sale..these were 75% off so about $1.50 or so each bunch and I think there is great potential for use with cricut crafts.

I think they are so cute..little mushrooms...
They are on wire stems and can be taken apart

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Aussie craft blog group!

We are setting up a group of any interested Aussie bloggers who utilise cricut that would like to be listed and linked together in one area.
If so please leave a comment or email me with your website etc and I will arrange the link for you.

Best wishes for the New Year
Cricut sync....
I just love cricut craftroom and have had no major issues with it, however I have just had to remove and rload to overcome an did not take long and is working fine now.
What I am having issues with is a bridge error with cricut sync so actively trying to resolve this. Have done the steps of altering the virus protection softrware by making an exception for the program however still continue to have issues. I am wondering if it is to do with dates.
Would appreciate any feedback.