Monday, February 27, 2012

Some things to play with.....

Look what I  found today.......the photo frames are just divine and I know they are the perfect base for something special, the little birdies were on a sell out table at our local florist....they too are so ready to finish off a project, or be the centre of attention......might be a late night tonight!!
I have to make the most of my last week of annual leave.

and a few more birdcages in the making.....

Such simple pleasures!



Sunday, February 26, 2012

We have a winner....

and its Julie!

We had 24 entries and my son cut them up and put them in a cup and we drew out with eyes closed.

Thank you all for your support and I look forward to doing this again at 10,000 posts!!

Julie I have emailed you but feel free to contact me at

Here is you prize, the box of handmade flowers and a lovely little birdcage full of laces and trims to play with!

Its not the best photo but its a great prize!
Many thanks



Little treasures...

I have been playing with the shelves in my room again and got the boys to put another set up.
I had begun sorting buttons and found some gorgeous old old jars in the shed with a history to them....
So they had a good wash and I have used them as below....

This is only half my button collection!! I use them regularly on various projects and for years in my sewing and embroidery crafts.
Here is a close up of the little birdcage from the above picture. Further information about this can be received through Leonies blog
Leonie's blog is very new, but she is a talented crafter and owner of Scrapbook Sinners in Traralgon. Leonie is very good at creating her own designs and sharing them through teaching in classes.

The papers are just gorgeous!

Back soon with out winner of the blog candy!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My fabric flowers...made with paper of course!

I was cruising you tube recently and saw some fabulous fabric flower tutorials. I have a stash of fabric but felt that this same technique would work effectively with paper.
Here are the draft results.....

Above are my first efforts....

Second play...on the left is the semi finished product, just needs perhaps an old button for the centre and perhaps more inking.
On the right is how the flower looks pre-curling.
There are three sizes cut and 4 of each size.
Lots of layers and some folding provides a very full effect and makes for an extra special flower.
I will post a tutorial later with detailed instructions

The size of the cuts can be varied according to your need or preference. I went through my carts for suitable flower cuts and there are soo many!
These were art philospophy but flower shoppe and mothers day bouquet have lots of variations.


I am also enjoying bringing out the button collection and sorting through these!

Just a few......................

Please add comments and emails with any questions,

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blog update...

My blog has not been opening properly for some visitors. This issue has now been corrected by Sharon from Plumrose Lane. I am very happy to reccommend Sharon at any time for a blog update or general blog support.
Meanwhile I am working on some new flowers with a bit of a twist.
Sample and tutorial coming soon.

Happy Days!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Blog Candy Time, as promised....

I am very excited to have reached over 5000 visitors! To thank you all for your interest and generous comments I am giving away some blog candy.

This will be a handmade box full of some of my handmade paper flowers - all of which are featured on my blog.

To enter please become a follower and leave a comment for me on this post.

I will randomly draw a winner at the end of the week.

Good Luck


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Strut Your Cuts with Cricut Essentials...
Strut your Cuts week 7. Visit Scrappy Go Lucky as above and join in the fun!

I had to utilise the spare list this week and it is a very simple entry but a cut I have not used before from the cricut essentials cart...more flowers!

The little box is not cricut but is a 12 X 12 paper all folded with scorpal. The site that has this featured is Amazing Paper Grace and it is a truly wonderfull site and very talented lady. Grace designed this box. Well worth many visits.

I simply decorated the box top, and I found it hard today as I had lost my mojo!! We went for a ride on the motor bike to blow the cobwebs worked and blew a lot more away as well I think...!
Here are some photos -

One flap slots in under the other to close the box neatly, great for small gifts, sweets etc.

Cricut flowers hints.....

Hi ..I am back...had a lovely relaxing time with my parents on the edge of lovely ( now full of water again..Lake Boga)

I have had so many comments regarding the flowers I made for the bird cage, I wanted to pass on how simple these are and also how easy to make different versions from exactly the same cut.

Here is a close up of an example....
These are identical cuts I just played with them in a different way.

The flower on the left - I pinched each petal in half and made a defined crease on each of three varying sizes, inked them and then glued them together.
The flower on the right I inked and then rolled each petal fairly firmly before gluing together.

To finish them I put a dew drop in the centre and scattered dimensional magic here and there followed by a light sprinkle of  stampin up dazzling diamonds.

I cut a full page on the cricut in assorted sizes of several shades. Its a great way to use spare paper and older paper.

Here are a couple more shots......enjoy and please email me if any assistance required....I love to share and help others


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Few days away...back soon with some blog candy!

I am heading away for a few days but will be back on board by Sat night,
Then I will post some candy for grabs as I will be over 5000 posts!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lessology Flight of Fancy Challenge

Here is my entry to this challenge..
I have utilised a plain birdcage and used my lace stash ( vintage from my Nanna and sister) and one of Nanna's old doilies in the base. I then made the flowers with my cricut.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Strut Your Cuts Challenge Week 6 entry

Pop over and have a look at the other entries at

The only cart I had to play with was Mothers Day Bouquet but I was quite happy as I wanted to have a first attempt at decorating a birdcage.

I only used one cut but at different sizes and with some older stamping-up paper that I had. I put each flower through the cuttlebug with a sizzix die and played with some laces, pebbles and sprays!
I also had fun melting did my son!!
 I think I have a lot to learn yet but it was fun!
 Perhaps not so good close up - however I do love the flowers and I love the pebbles in the centre but I cannot for the life of me remember where I bought them!

and inside is a chandalier!

I love my space...and here it is!

We are in a home that is 90 years old, we still have some renovating to do eg in this room however..I love it! There is space, wooden boards, high roofs, quiet open rural street and so much to play with!!
I pulled up the old carpet last week and the very old lino that was underneath and now have scrubbed boards with old paint on them that we will sand when the walls are plastered.
Meanwhile, its very comfy and peacefull......
I rearranged the tables and added some basic shelving, you can see one wall still has old wall the hey day this wall used to open up for entertaining and my Nanna who was born and bred in Maffra, had her kitchen tea in this house and my Mum was the first Miss Australia Quest entrant for Maffra and attended the home many times with her young friend (who became my dad) for fund raising functions etc!
Another wall of semi organised storage...the birdcages were a recent find at the reject shop. I am going to shabby then up a bit and hang them from the roof in this room!
Some of my large button collection can be seen on the shelves and laces to the right (some of my laces!) In the foregroung on partial view is my nanna's school case which has her intiials on it and in which I keep some of my old laces and doilies which I love to collect.......a true hoarder of bits and pieces which I love!
A very simple corner behind the door. Standing height for cutting and embossing and some cricut green bins for scraps etc, a couple of towel racks for the punches (previously in a drawer and cluttered).
So a bit of an improvement - the cricut, computer and printer are on the old desks under the window, I will add this shot but have the venetians up so its glary but its nice sitting at this window and looking out the front. Also we have the outdoor setting under the verandah so often hubby might be out there and we talk through the window!! LOL..or I can watch the boys mowing and the cats at play!
Back to playing!!

Photo cube.....

Hi Everyone, I have had a few inquiries regarding using the scrapped cd case for photos. I have done this before and it was fun to make and I enjoy the photos of a very special family gathering often as it is always on display. Hope this provides some inspiration. I made it a couple of years ago and was very new to the paper craft then! It is quite basic but special.
Enjoy and happy to help although its a bit of a challenging jigsaw puzzle putting the covers together!!

Sorry about the glare on the photos....

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am so excited....I have just posted my first tutorial!
Now - I have never done this before so please be gentle, but I would really appreciate some feedback to help me improve my technique and instructions.
Follow the tutorial tab and its there waiting for you!!
I really am enjoying this and especially as I have a lovely clean room to work in at present.....mmmm wonder how long that will last!!!
Regards to all and don't forget its nearly time for some blog candy for my Aussie followers and visitors as I am also at 5000 visits!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Here I am....

Hi All,
Sorry for my absence but I have been busy at work preparing for a lovely month off...which has now started.
I am going to clean the house, craftroom, complete some tutorials on my blog and hopefully share some more projects...and also planning several small trips in between and lots of coffee/lunches out!!
Oh and not to forget, Leonie and crew at Scrapbook Sinners..I will be visitring is such a gorgeous shop and there is so much new stock!!
Back very soon!