Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hi Everyone.....

I am back home from remote WA but I will be back over there in a remote area nursing for another placement commencing in two weeks time.
However, as per the name of my blog - I am a cricut-lover and my new cricut explore will be waiting for me!!!
As the wet season is coming along with some heat it will be nice to have another hobby to pursue in my downtime and I figure some of my friends and colleagues will love to play as well. We will be there over Christmas so I plan to do some making for Christmas fun and games!!
It is an extremely busy and sometimes quite challenging working environment but always enjoyable.....well mostly!
I am hoping that the explore will work ok as I know it is all online. However I have never had any access issues up there in the past so fingers crossed!

 Sunset at Derby WA on the big jetty

 Halls Creek Annual Rodeo 2014
 Cable Beach, Broome, WA
 Cable Beach - felt so free, love the beach, any beach!