Friday, May 15, 2009

I am finally back in touch with things!!...

Its been a very hectic year for us in lots of unexplainable ways.....just everyday life to some extent. My son has had some surgery this week and is doing fine now. In fact more than fine he has had very little discomfort.

On a negative note...
This morning we discovered someone had broken into our 4WD by breaking the drivers window. They searched everywhere and did not find anything of value so then proceeded to damage the vehicle by breaking the blinker lever and the gear stick.

Anyway my major excitement for the week was to purchase SCAL....I have been mulling over this for a long time and now wonder why on earth I waited. I have already cut the most gorgeous dragon fly and also fern leaves. The possibiliites are now truly endless.

Above are some cards I have finished off today.
I am heading off to card making tonight which is a local group of us who meet monthly and really enjoy each others company. We also come away with some finished cards and wonderfull new inspiration and ideas.
Talk soon

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