Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Easter 2012...

Easter was so special this year. We travelled up to Lake Boga to see my parents and picked my sister up as a surprise form the airport. She flew in unannounced from Townsville as a big surprise for Mum and Dad.
How wonderful it was!!

We had a fantastic time, reminiscing, enjoying the garden and views, and the fun of the young galah "Macca" from next door. The local market at Murrabit which was huge and the neighbouring garage sales which we supported. These properties were in the hardest hit region of the mallee in the last floods.

I think we will have to support this market every year as it was huge and so much fun!! A dusty drive through the plains behind Lake Boga.

The biggest laugh was when my sister and I lugged a nice big box of old glass insulators back to our car so thrilled with our buy only to be greeted by my hubby stating he could have got heaps of these locally for $0!! lol..should have seen his face...anyway into the car they went and we are so happy with them. Dad bought out some fowlers jars and an old milk bottle for my buttons to go in as well.

The small plastic bags of beads on the left of the tea chest are handmade a few years ago by my sister, she also gave me a mixed bag of hand dyed buttons.

These doilies are form my Nannas collection and will be tatted by my Nanna or great grandmother.
There is also a tatted basket and handle eg for putting candy in

Also I had a birthday and Mum and Dad gave me some treasures from the family ...Dad divided doilies into four piles and we got one each with no kknowledge of the contents, so all the sisters were very lucky!
I was given from my sister a very old biscuit tin full of cotton reels, lace, vintage jewellery pieces, etc etc....whoa!!
The cooton reel holder above is a handmade treasure which my sister bought for me at a garage sale as well as the one behind it..


Leanne said...

Sounds like a great Easter Break, and some lovely birthday pressies. Lucky girl. Will catch up at Class on Thursday.

fern said...

Ooh! What a wonderful assortment of vintage goodies I am so envious. Sounds like u had a great time xox