Friday, May 11, 2012

International Nurses Day 2012

Its Florence Nightingales birthday tomorrow. A day which nurses across the world recognise as the birth of the career we have chosen. No matter which way we choose to look at the profession of nursing we have followed in her footsteps - that is we all care about others, physically and emotionally and want to help those in need.

Call me old fashioned..I don't mind - after 34 years of nursing and a taste of many different sides of nursing which I consider myself to be priviliged to have experienced..I am proud to be part of the profession. I have certificates in general nursing, midwifery, crictical care, education and management  along with many other short courses etc. I have also worked in community, ambulance and industrial nursing.

I am one of the ''older nurses"  - hospital trained and proud of did we have some fun!! Every role I have had I thought was my favourite until the next....

Anyway enough rambling here is my post.....

The cape is my original from basic training (PANCH School 41, February 1978), with all my badges cap is ''somewhere safe....''

The tags are 6 x4 inches and double sided with Florence on the front, some tea dyed calico torn "bandage"with "Thankyou for touching my life" stamped on it. Old buttons, ric rac and flowers make up the other elements.
On the reverse is a copy of part of a letter dated 1855 referring to Florence and her nurses work in Turkey.

I ordered a small bouqet of flowers for each of the nurses in our workplace and the tags were attached. I hope they enjoy this small gift celebrating a remarkable lady and career.

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Leanne said...

Robyn, I am sure your nurses were overjoyed with their flowers. You are so thoughtful and caring, and I consider myself lucky to call you my friend. Love the tags.