Saturday, June 2, 2012

op shopping, market and more.....

We have a monthly St Vinnies sale day in our town. On the first Saturday of every month the sale starts at 9am. So many people go that there is a rope fence put up and it is not until exactly 9am that the rope drops and the crowd moves rapidly amongst the various tables.

There is all sorts of wonderfull things on sale and is a very worthwhile venture for this charity.
I have only just started going and get a real kick out of it. I always come home with something!! My husband always groans!!! My like minded friends always wish they lived in the area too!!!

Anyway today I did not buy too much but did enjoy myself. It is also very social and I met lots of friends and workmates there today.

 So there is a big role of yarn, about 8 rolls of crochet thread and other yarn, and old boook for tags, flowers etc, some lace and doilies, a heavy (maybe silver but I dont think so) swan and other bits and pieces of jewellery for altered art etc.
I love this blackwood bowl which will be on my work table

No matter what its made of this is adorable. I can see it as a pincusion or simply to hold my jewellery bits during a project..

This bag of star anise is one of a few I made a few years ago and I still love it. The smell is divine.

The chook below is a little project I made up years ago. It has cloves inside and a cinnamin stick tied to the outsie and dimply hangs on door knobs or in closets. I sold so many of these. i also did heart and cow shapes at the them!!

Anyway I am off to take some more snaps and plan my next project or two.

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