Sunday, September 9, 2012

op shop finds...for my craft area and beyond...

I found this at a local op shop on the weekend and I could not resist it...there is so much potential and it has such character and will be re-loved for along time in our home! Its in reasonable condition and was quite affordable. The handle needs screwing back in on he tray but it is original hardware and no damage.
The buffet below was another op shop purchase from a few weeks ago. It is a very solid piece, love the walnut laminate whichas some minooooodamage but all drawers, handles , legs are solid and original, excellent condition in my view. I think this was a bargain for $65.
 Do you love this as much as I do????? Well my boys dont but that does not!



This honey of an old frame was all of $5 at the local Salvo's....woosh its mine!!! I also received 3 vintage sewing patterns which were about 1930s and in great condition! Woohoo...they give the patterns away as they do not check the contents to see that all is there but they are gorg

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Tracey said...

WOW.....some great OP shop finds. Its just the best thing finding a bargain.