Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cricut-lover Sunday - all day!

A whole day to play with cricut - heavenly bliss!

Today I have taught myself to export CCR files and share - there are some great sites online to explain all of this.

Now I am trying to work out how to link the files to this blog to share.

Remember - sharing saves time - and gathers friends!

Would love some help on this if anyone can please?

Thx Robyn

My beautiful Mum- Happy Birthday for this week Mum - we all love you so much
(Past Entrant for Miss Australia early 1950)


debken said...

Good to hear your still crafting...miss your smiley face.....deb k

Tracey said...

Hello Robyn, thank you so much for kind words....really happy you liked my card! I have no idea how to share CCR files, so I'll be checking back to see what you work out! And what a gorgeous photo of your Mum. Have a great week:)