Sunday, February 8, 2009

Two new cards with cutfiles...

I have had a wonderfull play with myc ricut expression this weekend. I have been wanting to become more familiar with designing on CDS. Thanks to Diane at Capapedia Designs and her fabulous tutorials and support I have managed to make a start!!
The above card is all from Walk in My Garden.
It is a cut file. This includes the base design. I then on the second page added the individual items at the same size as on the base. This means I am able to cut the seperate parts out of other colours and now I have a lovely collection and will play and make more of these cards. It is about 5 3/4 inches high.
It may not be colourfull enough for some tastes but I love the overall look.

This card is also from Walk in My Garden and I think the writing is George.
Again the base is one piece a cut file and I have added a separate page with individual pieces and a couple of others sizes of the flowers to build them.
I like this one very much and it is so simple but I feel effective.

I cannot tell you all how pleased I am to have mastered the CDS to this level. I cannot get enough of it!!
I am happy to share the cutfiles for these two vases of flowers. Just please leave a comment.

Unfortunately for me my two Units of study for my Masters will arrive very shortly and full item work plus study and family leaves little time for such pleasures as my papercraft.
However to succeed I am a pretty good time manager and make sure I will have a little playtime.

Our thoughts are with all those who have lost loved ones and homes over the past few days with these horrid fires.
We woke up this morning to ash and filth outside and did not complain at all because its nothing compared to the sorrow and suffering of so many. Out thoughts are with you all and the wonderfull firefighters who put themselves at risk for others.
I believe the death toll in Victoira at present time is 65 and others remain criticial or unaccoutned for. It is truly horrific.


craftaddict said...

Hi, this is a really nice card, I like the way you have decorated it and would love the cut file. Thanks for sharing.

Lois Yates said...

Thank you for sharing your cut files. Your cards are beautiful!!

4paws said...

You did an awesome job! Thank you so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love your cards...TFS!


cotts said...

Thanks for all your comments and feedback