Sunday, February 1, 2009


Yet again its been longer than I had planned before posting!! We have been a very busy family with lots of visits to my folks at Seaspray.
It was absolutely fabulous as 7 of my young nieces and nephews all lined up to make paper purses with me.....whew I have a brand new respect for primary school teachers!!
They were all so excited. It started as I made one fore ach of the girls and filled them with goodies, like lip gloss, soaps etc and the boys all wanted one!!! LOL!!
So luckily I had my usual boxes of supplies in the boot and off we went.
Well we didn't finish until about 10pm as they all were leaving the following day.

I am uploading photos of their efforts.

Needless to say my brother, sister and their partners were delighted by the child minding service!!!

I loved every minute and the gorgeous thankyou cards they gave to me to display in my office at work.

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Rima said...

that is so precious Robyn, it sounds like our house at easter, our girls & our nieces had a craft day & made Easter Egg baskets, it was a lot of fun.

great blog