Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bags galore...

Well I have to start with a tale of two kittens. They went missing today and my son and I looked everywhere...we finally found them asleep together on a dining chair hidden by the tablecloth!!
I have made about 6 purses today, can't you all tell I just love this pattern. Kitty and scorpal..thankyou again!! I have posted the link in my initial thread on this topic. I like the green one as I had fun making the floral border with CDS and found the new features so helpfull.

I was never keen on these papers but must admit they came up well for this purpose...

This is definitely everyones favourite...(In my house anyway)...The silver loooks stunning. Sorry my photo is not fabulous.

The black and white is also effective and another border made from cricut DS added finishing touch. I just need to purchase some more balck flowers to finish off the one on the right.
These will be used for gifts etc...its great to have a stash in the cupboard and be prepared!!
Happy days to all and thanks for looking in!!

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Snatertje said...

just visiting your blog and i like your purses and your two kittens, ooo I'm a catlover, I have 4 cats, the youngest one is now 7 months.
Enjoy your kittens,they grow so fast.
Take care Linda from Holland