Sunday, December 11, 2011

Post it note holder instructions

Hi All,

I have had lots of interest in the pos it note holders that I make. So here are the instructions..they are super easy, super quick and super loved by anyone I have given them to.
They are also easily refillable as the post pad is simply attached to the inside with tacky tape so a new one can be added.


Craft board ( not too heavy but firm enough to keep shape( I sourced mine in large sheets from an art shop in Melbourne city area and the lovely fellow cut them into 4" squares for me for happy!

Selected scrapbook paper or such cut at 4 inch squares X 4 sheets

Zutter and matching wires

Cricut cuts or other corations to fit

Ink to ink s edges

Sanding tool
Glues etc

1. Cover front and back of two card square
2. Sand edges once glue has dried
3. ink the four sides of each
4. Decorate the front of one square (remembering to leave space for the coils to fit. Sometimes I bind first and then add the decoration.
5. Tacky tape the post it pad to the inside back cover firmly.
6. If you wish.. stamp a minature stamp on the right hand ower corner of each page of the post it pad just a nice extra touch!!


Happy to provide further help if needed

Please acknowledge on my blog - much appreciated


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