Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hi Everyone,

Hope this finds you all well and still enjoying or reflecting on a lovely Christmas like we have had.

It was quiet this year but so wonderfull to have both Mum, Dad, Becky and Marg (MIL)joining Jordie, Garry and myself.
We had enough food for about 20 so no colling needed for a while. The 16 batches of shortbread are still lasting and have been used for lots of sharing to friends etc.

There always a story...I put the lovely new Christmas cloth on the outdoor table, came inside and Jordie said "Hey Mum the cats have run along the table and left paw prints everywhwere!!" Well...cheeky things.....never mind we left it and turned it over later!! We ate dinner inside anyways.

The Christmas parcels were all so appreciated and "just right"for everyone!
Garry and Jordie are just putting together our long awaited outdoor setting for snuggling into on the front verandah..I have wanted one for a very long time to put here and will post a snap later!

I am posting a couple of the cards to share that we made at Scrapbook Sinners in Traralgon with lovely Leonie and her crew. its a great shop to visit if you are ever in the area...next to the Cheesecake shop which most people know!

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