Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cricuting in Oz Challenge 3

Here is my entry for Cricuting in Oz Week 3
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The only cart I had was wall decor and more but there is such a large choice....funny I finished making a very simple project, but again really enjoyed it......I cut the coffee cups at 3"

I modified a gift bag which I sourced a long time ago from Maria Bell at
I altered it to suit my needs and filled it with 6 matching giftcards. These are for a friend who does beautifull baking and will find them usefull.
I was almost tempted to keep adding to the cards but do like them simple and have stamped inside with a lovely bird on a branch.

Happy to share instructions and answer questions if needed


Julie said...

Well done lovely very nice

Scrappy-go-Lucky Mandy said...

love this thoughtful gift idea.

cotts said...

Thanks Julie and Mandy for your comments

Tracey said...

Great gift the background paper.