Saturday, January 14, 2012

Scrapbook Sinners....

This is a store worth a visit!!

Managed by the lovely Leonie and crew of wonderfull staff who are all so enthusiastic and willing to share and help anyone that comes in.
Enter and the atmosphere is so inviting...the store is very large, spatious and organised. There is a huge classroom area at the back and a smaller one for our cosier groups...I love Thursday card nights.

The cross section of talents amongst the staff adds to the value of a visit.

Make it your stop if passing through Traralgon. It is so easy to find, right on the highway - just up from the nursery where hubby can visit! Or near the cheesecake shop and next door to the saddlery shop with the life size horse out the front!

Now its off to play with my purchases from Scrapbook Sinners this afternoon.....shhh dont tell my husband!!lol

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fern said...

thank you dear friend for your kind words, we all appreciate it. We love what we do and hope that we inspire everyone who steps thru our doors xox