Monday, January 16, 2012

Photo cube instructions...enjoy!!

Here is the link to a video on instructions for the photo cube cd cover box. The sound is not good but the instructions excellent. However I did not do the base instead I used some chipboard painted and cut to size. I glude the cube box onto this. It is more durable. When I tried the other way I just got frustrated and felt it was not sturdy.

I am going to make some more to have ready for simple gifts etc and perhaps some prizes to dontae for our next retreat.

The measurements are 4 pieces of cardstock 5 3/4 X 4 5/8
I actually cut 8 of these as I lined mine as gives a better look on the inside if desired. These stayed plain but the other 4 I scored and folded one end a 1/4 inch, inked the edges and then decorated as desired.

There is space for some dimension but not too much, however I did place some scrap thick card in between the keep the card close to the plastic as other wise it can 'bow' back and not look as neat....hard to explain but will become clear when actually putting it together.
I was hesitant and concerned the clear tape might show up but it doesn't and is needed to keep it together.

Have fun and feel free to email me photos and I iwll put on my blog if you wish!!

Happy Monday!!

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