Thursday, February 23, 2012

My fabric flowers...made with paper of course!

I was cruising you tube recently and saw some fabulous fabric flower tutorials. I have a stash of fabric but felt that this same technique would work effectively with paper.
Here are the draft results.....

Above are my first efforts....

Second play...on the left is the semi finished product, just needs perhaps an old button for the centre and perhaps more inking.
On the right is how the flower looks pre-curling.
There are three sizes cut and 4 of each size.
Lots of layers and some folding provides a very full effect and makes for an extra special flower.
I will post a tutorial later with detailed instructions

The size of the cuts can be varied according to your need or preference. I went through my carts for suitable flower cuts and there are soo many!
These were art philospophy but flower shoppe and mothers day bouquet have lots of variations.


I am also enjoying bringing out the button collection and sorting through these!

Just a few......................

Please add comments and emails with any questions,


Leanne said...

Love the Flowers, and Wow, Wow, Wow, just a few buttons.

leeanne said...

the flowers are very pretty

Anonymous said...

Loving your style and like the tutorials

fern said...

I think u have just about as many buttons as me, I love old buttons. Just another obsession lol